I am not a fan of LCG: Living Card Games that milk you by releasing new card packs every month. I want to play Android Netrunner like any other board game: I pick if from the shelf, we do 5 minutes rules explanation and then have a good time.

To make this happen I reduced my Core Set to two pre-built decks Runner Deck for Beginners and Corporation Deck for Beginners.

I could not get my hands onto an english copy so I decided to print it myself. Proxy Nexus is a website that turns cards into PDFs. Alternative you can find high-res card images in this Google Drive, and combined them into a PDF with ANRProxyGenerator

For printing I recommend 1200 DPI onto a slightly thick paper, and then put them into 66mm x 91mm sleeves, 50 red, 50 blue. This way you don’t need to think about the cards background.

Disclaimer: I own the game in german.

beginner-decks.pdf - Rules summary - Rules Summary by Nersei