After having a successful kickstarter the The 1-bit Godot Course is now available. I tried it and I love it.

Many of you programmers will be annoyed to find out that Godot uses its own programming language GDScript, but be at ease it is not that weird, arrays start at 0.

There are developers which use the GDNative bindings to write their game in another language, for example Godot games in Rust

Assets and material can be bought for a few coins or some are even free. For example check out this awesome sprite pack Kings and Pigs, with this and Godot you can build a game in just a week.

Other assets stores: gamedevmarket,, kenney, indiegamemusic, Unity assets store, Sound effects on Sonniss


I will try to make the first prototype game that focuses around a slow paced 2D space battle. A brain child I keep carrying around for some time.