There are two companies fighting for the market, Swisscom with their brand Wingo. And Sunrise with their brand Yallo.

From time to time they offer nice deals like: Wingo Full Flat 12 months for CHF 25.-.
The catch is that you get a minimum contract that needs to be cancelled 2 months in advance.

Wingo Deal 12 months

I got this sweet yallo deal that is more transparent, Swiss Flat forever CHF 29.-,
but it uses the slower Sunrise network. They also gave me a second Sim card for CHF 9.- per month.

Yallo Flat Forever

Definitly keep watching out for new deals, especially on Black Friday.

For Home Internet you should not pay more than CHF 50.- for 50/50Mbps.
I got a DSL deal for CHF 40.- per month, so it is definitly possible to get a good deal.

How much do you pay for internet?