• Byword to edit text files in Dropbox iCloud. Text files are awesome!
  • Anki for learning new words.
  • 7 MWC, the seven minute workout.
  • Scorekeeper XL for tracking board game scores.
  • Sleep Cycle to analyze sleep and snoring
  • Echofon for reading twitter.
  • Amazon Audible for audiobooks. It also plays the iTunes audio books.
  • Blinkist for book summaries

Open Broadcaster Software

OBS allows to record and broadcast your screen for free. If you want to record system audio, create a Multi-Output Device that targets iShowU Audio Capture and your built-in Output.

capture system audio

Audiobook Binder

Audiobook Binder converts mp3 files into a iTunes friendly Audiobook.


Arq for daily cloud backup. I use it with AWS and a monthly budget of 4 USD.

Arq Settings

Other macOS apps

  • AppCleaner
  • Spotify with ad blocker Spotifree
  • iStat Menu to keep an overview of the network traffic and the CPU usage.
  • ImageOptim is a nice app to shrink or compress JPG/PNG. Has optional lossy minification.
  • PNG Crunch for insane PNG image optimization.
  • SiteSucker to download websites.
  • Evernote - to backup articles. Too often I had to find out that a referenced website disappeared.

Special mention: AOMEI Backupper

This was the only tool capable of copying a big Windows partition from a harddrive to a smaller SSD. Every other copy tool stopped with the error: partition size must match.