Shortcut for next window not bound on Swissgerman keyboards

The “Move focus to next window” shortcut should be bound to the key above tab per default (ยง on my CHDE). Allowing the user to quickly cicle through application windows.

No quick way to exclude folder from Spotlight

Spotlight has no way to ignore certain folders, for example the famous node_modules. You were able to disable indexing for a folder by adding a .metadata_never_index but Apple removed that feature. The only way is to drag&drop folders you want to exclude in the System Preferences UI.

spotlight exclude

Apple TV

  • The menu or search button exits the game without confirmation.

Xcode is tied to OS

If you want to use latest Xcode you also need latest macOS.

Bug: Unable to bind mouse button 5 to Expose Show Desktop

It may be an uncommon usecase, but some people use the Desktop as workspace. Workaround: BetterTouchTool

Bug: When removing multiple external screens

Sometimes macOS does not recognize that the external (over USB-C) screens are gone. Sleep and wake up, fixes it.

misc Safari bugs

  • Safari sometimes opens a new link in a minimized or even private window, instead of front most.
  • Safari gets slower after every system sleep and wakeup.
  • Safari Backspace was removed.
  • Safari tries to display .mobi files, when you try to download them it things they are HTML.
  • Youtube videos autoplay in minimized windows when you restart Safari.

TimeMachine has no API

I am unable to query when the last backup was run. In the past you were able to listen for distributed notifications. And Time Machine can not be disabled for local disk.

Bug: TimeMachine and network drives

TimeMachine does not work well with networking, about every 6 months I have to start backups from scratch.

Bug: Safari downloads don’t appear in history

If you download a mp3 or images directly over the context menu > Save as, they will not appear in the download history.

Bug: Apple Music

I am unable to drag&drop m4a to the end of a playlist. It gets added to the Music library but not to the playlist…

apple music


The default Text Wrap behaviour of Shapes can not be changed, makes it very annoying to create diagrams.